Crime-Si-Poa-Maryan Njeru (left) with Jane Njoki (right) discussing the land case they had resolved

Triumph Through ADR: Maryann Njeru’s Paralegal Success 

Maryann Njeru, a dedicated paralegal trained by Crime Si Poa,  shares a compelling success story that underscores the transformative impact of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). She  recounts her pivotal role in assisting her friend Jane Njoki to triumph in a challenging land dispute case. Maryann’s deep understanding of legal principles and adept application of ADR techniques were instrumental in navigating the complexities of the case, ultimately securing a favorable resolution for Jane. 

Maryann’s journey exemplifies the profound difference skilled legal support can make in people’s lives. Her commitment to empowering individuals like Jane with accessible and effective legal strategies not only resolved a longstanding dispute but also restored peace and justice. This success  underscores Crime Si Poa’s impactful role in equipping community advocates to bring about positive change through legal empowerment and alternative dispute resolution methods in communities. Watch the video on . 

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