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Pete Ouko - Nilihukumiwa Kifo Bila Hatia

102 community paralegals graduate with legal skills for justice access

Life After Prison

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Crime Si Poa donate mattresses

“When we get donations like these we add them to what we already have and again as a welfare section, the law permits us to write to friends and well-wishers that they can support the welfare of the prisoners,” Insp. Ogetto said.

*Sleep for inmates as Alliance School and Crime Si Poa donate mattresses*

Alliance boys donates 150 mattresses to Nairobi West Prison

Community Paralegals Graduate

“The most excellent way to reach out when you need to empower this group of individuals regarding justice is by choosing a team of youth leaders who are extremely passionate about helping their communities because they are the focal point and have in-depth knowledge of the area with good networks,” says Silvia Morwabe, the Program Director, Crime Si Poa.

*CRIME: Community Paralegals graduate ready to abate crime, step up justice*

Youth Involvement in Election Violence

Our Project Officer, Halima Guyo and Communications Specialist, Ken Kigunda on @citizentvkenya  talking about youth involvement in election violence and what #CrimeSiPoa is doing on the ground to avert that. 

Community Legal Awareness

Our Programs Manager Sylvia Morwabe had a deep conversation  with @ericlatiff, Nduokoh & Muga on #TheSituationRoom at Spice FM and KTN Home on the work we do at CRIME SI POA. 

World Education Day 2022

Steps towards reducing the rate of school drop outs in Kajiado county through community and school mentorship programs that will work to address the long standing problem.

Death penalty in Kenya: Any hope for abolishment? By Sylvia Morwabe

All it would take is to use the findings of the public participation reports gathering dust in shelves to draw up bills changing the provisions of the Penal Code that provide for the death sentence.

Covid-19 Activation

Wakaazi wa mitaa ya mabanda wapata uhamasisho kuhusu COVID-19

Huku hofu ya kusambaa kwa ugonjwa wa covid-19 ikikithiri, wale walioko kwenye mitaa ya mabanda wamejikakamua kutekeleza mikakati iliyowekwa na serikal ili kuzuia ugonjwa huo kuenea. Na kama anavyotuarifu raquel muigai, imekuwa ni jukumu la kila mtu katika mtaa wa kibra ambapo vijana wako mstari wa mbele kuwahamasisha wenyeji kuhusiana na ugonjwa huo.

Our Story

A story of Redemption

Peter Ouko narrates his story of how he was wrongfully convicted, spent 18 years in Kamiti Maximum Prison, earned a Diploma in Law from the University of London and eventually be released under a presidential pardon. 

From Death Row to Anti-Crime Advocate

From Death Row to Anti-Crime Advocate

Meet Peter “Pete” Ouko, who founded the anti-crime group “Crime Si Poa’ while on death row in Kamiti Maximum prison. He shares his journey with SUN TV reporter, Walter Mbita in this interview.

The origin of Crime Si Poa

Peter Ouko talks about his journey from being wrongfully convicted, to receiving a presidential pardon to becoming the founder and executive director of Crime Si Poa.

Social Enterprise For a Crime Free World

Peter is the Founder and CEO of Crime Si Poa in his deeply personal story of suffering and forgiveness, Peter shares how social enterprise can help reduce crime and extremism while giving hope and second chances to offenders worldwide.