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Youth Call for Safer Cities in Africa

Youth in Kisumu City champion for crime free cities during the commencement of the 9th Africities 2022 Summit yesterday in Kisumu County. Over 100 youth led by the Crime Si Poa leadership team displayed and chanted strong messages calling for African leaders to ensure safer cities for development.

Young people in Africa have been acknowledged as key stakeholders and drivers of safer cities that will steer development, creation of opportunities for the youth and full implementation of United Nations Agenda 2030 & African Union Agenda 2063.

According to Peter Ouko, Executive Director, Crime Si Poa, there is a need for youth engagement in the implementation of government policies and approaches that will help combat crime to ensure safer cities in Kenya and Africa at large.

“Safer cities mean more investment opportunities for those who create jobs. Safer cities definitely translate to more job opportunities for young people. Because investors love predictability, they love security and availability of all the networks that can allow them not only produce the work they do but also ensure workers who work for them are safe and their product can reach the market safely as well,” said Pete adding, “Safer cites means better living and better living means we have to have less crime in our communities.”

Urbanization of African countries and especially Kenya, has seen rapid growth of informal settlements, accompanied by increased levels of crime, violence and lawlessness. People living in the cities face these vices on a daily basis posing a major challenge to the social and economic growth of the cities.

“Instead of young people involving themselves in crime, they should position themselves and take advantage of the opportunities arising in their cities such as the Africities event to make a living out of it,” Said Isaiah Okethi, Kamakowa Jamtaka CBO, Leader.

The Africities Summit 2022 brings together dignitaries and participants from across Africa that seek to strengthen the role of Local and Regional Governments as well as the integration and unity of the continent.

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