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Tapping into Digital Skills to Curb Crime in Rongai

By Fidel Castro

ICT Graduation – Rongai

20 youth beneficiaries in Rongai, Kajiado County have graduated with digital livelihood skills after a three-months training by Crime Si Poa. The ICT training was conducted in a bid to engage youth with innovative skills, consequently, curbing high crime rates in the area.  

This is the second cohort that has successfully been equipped with relevant computer skills through the Digital Livelihood Project under the large umbrella of the Social Enterprise Program. Through the project, the youth have had an opportunity to acquire relevant techniques that will succour them in their daily lives.

“We greatly appreciate Crime Si Poa for this initiative, our children have not wandered away in crime and drug abuse, because they were engaged by this program, may God bless you Crime Si Poa,” said Leah, a parent of one of the graduates.

AJIRA Digital Coordinating Officer, Antony Chege, made outstanding remarks encouraging the youth to soldier on the path to acquire more knowledge on digital skills and possibly venture into online work.

“Do not settle at this, keep pushing to acquire more. Currently, almost everything is digitized, you, therefore, need these skills at your figure tips in order to have an upper hand,” said Chege, adding, “There are many legalized profit-making platforms available online, it will do you good to join such platforms and earn your own money with the skills that you have.”

Beyond this, the program seeks to engage young people to reduce the high rate of idleness in the community which redounds to an opportunity of engaging in crime and criminal activities.

According to Phanice Kimutai, Digital Livelihood Project Officer, Crime Si Poa’s greatest motivation is to reach the entire community with the anticrime message. Apart from preparing the youth for a technical world, the organization also empowers young people to be heralds of the anticrime message.

“After this auspicious graduation, sell the anti-crime message far and wide, let people see its breadth and length, let them feel its depth and its height to the end that our community becomes crime-free,” concluded Phanice.  

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