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Crime Prevention Through Social Enterprise

By Fidel Castro

Impact is what motivates us all. You do not want to engage in a project that does not create any impact. Crime Si Poa (CSP), through the Social Enterprise Project, has engaged over 200 people in Ongat Rongai, Kajiado County, in various skills that have improved their livelihood. This has consequently, helped them avoid being involved in crime.  

In Ongata Rongai there has been a spate of criminal attacks mostly committed by the youth necessitating an urgent intervention measure to curb the escalation of crime. CSP through the Rongai hub for the last one month has been training in the youth in the art of soap making. 

Fridah Njeri is one of the beneficiaries who have benefited from the soap-making skills attained and have since commercialized to make a living from it. From the proceeds made so far coupled with her other savings, she has managed to open a retail shop located in Rongai at Boone house Gataka Rd. 

“I was inspired by Crime Si Poa facilitators to get into social enterprise. The skills we learnt through extensive training on the art soap making are already impacting us and changing our status in the community,” said Fridah. 

Njeri was not only taken through the art of soap making but also equipped with the relevant business skills. These skills will see her and fellow youth break through the highly competitive market.  

“Thousand tongues are not enough to appreciate Crime Si Poa for equipping me with the skills that I have commercialized now. I hope to grow this business to greater heights and create more opportunities for others,” added Njeri.  

Halima Guyo, Crime Si Poa, Program Officer, Ongata Rongai Hub, expressed her satisfaction in seeing one of the people she trained maximizing on the skills she taught them. 

“I am happy seeing Fridah work out of poverty because of the skills we equipped her with. She is now an owner of a business. Many are also motivated by this, and we hope to see more venture into social enterprise rather than engage in crime,” said Guyo. 

Living in a world where employability is not ascertained, a world shrouded with changing dynamics, it is important to update your skill set so that you remain competitive in the job market and business landscape.