Peace Walk

May we dwell in Unity, Peace, Love and Liberty

By Fidel Castro

Have you ever wondered why the voice groaning for peace is so loud? Have you ever wondered why this thing, peace, is presented as a priceless jewel whose value cannot be quantified? What is peace and what does it hold to humanity and society?

I know these are some of the questions that have been lingering in your mind, don’t worry, you’re not alone, I have also been thinking through those lines and that is why my pen has decided to settle this matter.

This is not exaggerated talk; neither is it a pep talk. It is the cry of many Kenyans who would want to live a normal life, because in the event when there is no peace, life is never normal. I can’t imagine you shelving off those family treats, those evening walks as the sun is travelling west, shelving the fun moments you religiously have with friends randomly, pale kwa base, I can’t imagine.

The beauty we so much adore in our country, the life we value, the tremendous infrastructural development, the flowers that are blossoming outside your house, along the walk paths, inside Uhuru Park, are in existence because for the last 5 years there has been peace.  

We are just 8 days to elections and just like waters flow never to return to their source, elections will come and go. However, one is for sure, elections will always leave a mark that we will always point to for the next five years. These marks can be positive or negative.

The marks of the last general elections are present with us. It is therefore undeniable that elections will always leave a mark. I remember with nostalgia, the year 2007, what a horrific time we found ourselves in. The tales of that time are as fresh as a daisy. The gory scenes and very terrifying period we had in Kenya.

The wounds of that time are visible only the blind can not see and only the callous cannot relate. Those with their voter’s cards, left their homes to exercise their democratic rights, not knowing what was awaiting them, people left their homes with plans of coming back to wrap up the unfinished business, little did they know that their fellow tribesmen were set ready to instigate violence.

2022 is here, August 9th is fast approaching, and the day is coming at a supersonic speed, what’s chasing after this day? It will come and will generously allow us the opportunity to exercise our democratic right.

Vote for peace. I know we are told that history repeats itself, yes, but also, we can recreate our own history. It must not always be as it was before.

As days keep unfolding, we grow and as a snake moult for example scraping the edges of its mouth against a hard surface until the outer layer sheds and begins to fold back around its head, so should we allow ourselves to shed off the outer layers?

The layers that push us to hit hard our neighbours, our tribesmen, our community mates, and those we share with the same amenities. I am glad various political factions believe that people have the power to make choices. Let us harness that power that resides within us and choose peace.

I need peace, you need peace, we all need peace.

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