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We hold information that can help fight crime: Kisumu Boda Boda Riders speakout.

Kisumu Boda boda activation

Boda Boda riders commit to work with key players in the criminal justice system in Kisumu County, especially law enforcement agencies, to reveal crucial information that would help curb crime in the region.

Speaking during the Kisumu Criminal Justice Accountability Forum, held on 18th February 2022 at Mama Grace Onyango Social Hall, Kisumu, Boda boda Association Chair Donatus Obul called for collaboration between the association and law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime, which has been worryingly increasing overtime.

“We hold a lot of information that can aid in revealing criminal activities in Kisumu County. We carry these people to different places and in the process learn a lot. Let’s work together and you will be shocked by the kind of high voltage criminal information we would give out as evidence or proof of crime and perpetrators. We know them and where they are hiding from the police”, unveiled Obul.

According to Obul, Boda Boda riders have had a bad reputation labeled against them with a lot of crime linked to the riders. He affirmed that as an association there are ready to work with different stakeholders in restoring their brand.

We are law-abiding citizens and in most cases, entrusted by the majority of you in services such as dropping the young ones to school. We accept that we have a few rotten tomatoes amongst us. We will uproot them adds Obul,  further saying  “We do not allow underage riders in our association. They are the ones most used to commit crime because they are still quite gullible. Parents, please do not allow underage children to be Boda boda riders, it’s against the law”, concluded Obul.

Inspector Beatrice Luvumbe welcomed the invitation by Boda Boda riders to work together with the police noting that such community engagement will enhance the efforts of law enforcement officers, in return creating a crime-free society.

“We all have a responsibility to our safety and security.  We must hold each other accountable to create a lawful community. As a police service, we hugely rely on information coming from the public. This information helps us to fight crime. We are ready and open to work with the riders and young people at large to boost security within Kisumu County.

Earlier in the day Boda Boda raiders and youth from Kondele, Obunga, Nyalenda & Manyatta held a peaceful procession as a commitment to end crime within the city and stand for peace, especially during this election period.

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