Rongai Bodaboda activation

Boda Boda Riders and Youth  in Rongai Champion for Crime Free Society

Boda Boda Activation Rongai

Boda Boda riders in partnership with young community members in Rongai, Kajiado County held a crime awareness campaign aimed at addressing high crime rates in the region that has largely affected businesses and livelihood of the community members.

Rongai has for a very long time been marked with crimes that range from theft, defilement, rape, snatching, gang groups formation and drug abuse among other crimes involving young people.

“There has been an increase in criminal activities in Ongata Rongai. We receive a lot of cases and reports and it’s a bit worrying. We must come together as a community and address the issue urgently,”  Said Halima Guyo Crime Si Poa, Project Officer, Rongai.

The event supported by Crime Si Poa, brought together members of the community to address ways of achieving a safe and secure environment for all.

“Changing the environment for the youths will impact their lives. This can only be done by involving young people in finding long-term solutions to this menace,” said Arnold Ochieng, Rongai Youth Leader.

According to the youth and the boda boda community, most youth-related crimes stem from the lack of job opportunities. The issue of unemployment continues to be a risk to the vision of attaining a crime-free society.

“The government should look out for the youth and give us jobs or at least create the opportunities. We are ready to do any work,” Allan Ngare, Boda Boda Chairman.

Stephen Kenyatta, a garbage collector in Ongata Rongai encouraged fellow youth not to be selective in their work.  The youth should take personal initiative and create opportunities for themselves.

“Crime Si Poa is the only NGO dealing with youth and crime matters in Ongata Rongai. We really appreciate their support and we are committed to changing our society for the better,” added Arnold Ochieng, Rongai Youth Leader.

The youth have expressed the need for the work Crime Si Poa is doing in the community, especially in this election period. They have also requested for an intervention in the crime-prone areas and interior parts of Rongai. According to the youth, they are ready to work with Crime Si Poa in reducing crime as well as connecting them with job opportunities.

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