Marion op het Veld

Secretary of the Board

Famously known as Mama Sarakasi, Marion is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Nairobi based Sarakasi Trust. She worked in and has been instrumental in promoting the arts and culture sector as a means of instilling positive psychological, social and economical change in young people in the country since 1989.

Focusing on talent search, acrobatics, dance and music, and through training, empowering and facilitating under-privileged youth and launching them on the national and international stage, Marion has passionately amplified arts in East Africa to showcase the best of African talent. Sarakasi builds the capacity of young people to take ownership of its projects and activities. 

With a background in social work and creative therapy specializing in drama, dance, photography, physical movement, music and visual arts,  Marion has helped Sarakasi grow from humble beginnings into a multi-program, a multi donor-funded organization that has incubated several other programs i.e. Ghetto Radio, the Africa Yoga Project, the Sarakasi Trust Hospital Project and the Amani Lazima movement. 

A multi-linguist with speaking and working knowledge of three foreign languages, Marion loves reading, travelling, meeting new people, making friends, listening to music, and spending leisure time with family and friends.